A jövő képzése ma - BlockHEADZ MentorNetwork @Budapest 2nd

BlockHEADZ MentorNetwork Meetup @Budapest

December 11-én "Rhino & Grasshopper Workshop for DeCentralization" alcímmel jöttünk össze páran, folyt köv...

A jövő képzése ma - BlockHEADZ MentorNetwork @Budapest Nov 28, 2017 16:00h

JovKepMa, FtrEduTday

BlockHEADZ MentorNetwork Meetup @Budapest

A jövő képzése ma.

A folyamat alatt élettel, oktatással, önismerettel, egészséggel, pénzüggyel, hatékonysággal és egyéb létfontosságú életterületekkel kapcsolatos paradigmaváltásra lehet számítani.

Leave Centralized Companies behind and Learn #Blockchain

Blockchain Technology is waiting to You

Proofreading English texts to Learn and Earn Cryptos

proofreading english text learning and earning crypto


For the first time in the history of the world we can reimagine how the world transacts without relying on an intermediary.

Nic Cary, cofounder of Blockchain.info

Junior Rust/D/C++ Coders Wanted!

3.6mBTC/h ($10) junior Programmers WANTED on Blockchain projects. @Budapest, as soon as possible.

Junior Programmers WANTED on Blockchain projects.
3.6mBTC/h ($10) @Budapest, as soon as possible.

What to Code?

Short and descriptive name of the desired application/program/code..


Coding is your hobby?

Show yourself Now

  • if you are su,
  • using asd
  • cd is not a plastic disk for you
  • cat is not an animal,
  • using find/grep/locate instead of Ctrl+F
  • cp/mv/rm are good friends;
  • wget, sudo and you know whoami,
  • using regexp even with nano, vi or emacs


1 Start 2 Complete

3D Infographic Professional Wanted



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